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Continuous assessment


Teachers organize continuous assessment over the course of the programme according to specified assessment criteria that correspond to the objectives of each subject group. Regular school assessment and reporting play a major role:


  • in the students' and parents' understanding of the objectives and assessment criteria

  • in the students' preparation for final assessment

  • in the development of the curriculum according to the principles of the programme.


Teachers are responsible for structuring varied and valid assessment tasks (including tests and examinations) that will allow students to demonstrate achievement according to the objectives for each subject group. These include:


  • open-ended, problem-solving activities

  • investigations

  • organized debates

  • hands-on experimentation

  • analysis and reflection.


In keeping with the ethos of approaches to learning, schools also make use of quantitative and qualitative assessment strategies and tools that provide opportunities for peer- and self-assessment.

The recording and reporting of individual levels of achievement are organized in ways that provide students with detailed feedback on their progress as it relates to the assessment criteria for each subject group.

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